Eight years together. Passion, contrast yet harmony: Maria Ines & Sebastian. One of the greatest legacies in the young and recent history of Argentinian tango. They are giving it to you, to all of us. Are you ready to receive it?


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Sebastian Jimenez & Maria Ines Bogado

The Legacy. Chapter I. Roots of our Tango

If being a woman is about trust, intuition, the power of connection and the art of shaping the space; and if being a man is about freedom and holding the space, about the power of knowledge and understanding, then this collection is about being a man and a woman embracing each other in the space of a tango. It’s a collection that will induct tango into your body and soul through the stories of Carlos & Rosa Perez, men and women technique, and lessons on fundamentals.


Language: Spanish | Subtitles: English

Recommended study time for this collection is 7 weeks. 

246.73 min Embrace Technique History Walk