Walking into the Tango. Embrace

Welcome to the world of Argentine tango! This collection will get you acquainted with the elements of this dance that represent the base upon which your whole dance will be built and help you tell your first tango story.


Recommended study time for this collection is 3 weeks.

Chapter 1. Embrace. An Act of Beauty

In this chapter you'll learn the first most important element in Argentine tango, that you will be using throughout the whole and every dance. It will be there to accompany you through your entire tango journey. Embrace is already dancing.

11.30 min Embrace

Chapter 2. Music of the Couple

Embrace is that magic element that connects you to your partner and keeps you there, which is essential to be able to create your dance together. In order to be in tune with him/her, you need to find that music of your couple.

6.24 min Embrace