The Essentials. Embrace and Walk

A collection of lessons to help you build your base stronger, ready for developing your dance upon it. After you have practiced these lessons you will have created a solid, comfortable point from where to improvise sequences and add musical interpretation to your dance, while being able to always return to the zero point, that is, stop moving and dance through just embracing. Then start it all over again.


Recommended study time for this collection is 7 weeks.

Los Abrazos. Finding the Embrace that Suits You

A lesson where Sebastian and Mariana share their insights on different types of embraces and how to use them in various dance situations.

21.02 min Embrace

The Embrace – How to Position Arms, Chest and Neck for a Natural Dynamic

A great journey in which you'll explore embraces beyond tango styles. You will understand how much the position of the arms, neck, chest and head affect your wellbeing and posture in tango.

14.02 min Embrace

The Walk. Three Different Techniques

Three different techniques for men: switching weight in the middle, pushing from the backward leg, projection with the forward leg - gliding. Music: Bien Frappe (orchesta Carlos Di Sarli, singer Roberto Rufino).

17.34 min Embrace Walk