In a Playful Mood. Milonga

No matter your state, a nice milonga will always be able to get you to your best playful and joyful! So better learn to welcome it properly. This collection of lessons will bring you the right amount of info to do so.


Recommended study time for this collection is 5 weeks.

Milonga 8. Double Time, Traspie, Shapes

Valuable exercises for both leaders and followers, that will clarify lots of questions and change old perceptions.
Music : No hay tierra como la mia (orchesta Francisco Canaro).

19.43 min Milonga Musicality

Milonga 10. Crosses with Double Time

An advanced class of milonga full of detailed explanations. Leaders, a little hint for you: be sure that the follower's steps cross completely your way.
Music: No hay tierra como la mia (orchesta Francisco Canaro).

18.39 min Milonga Musicality

Milonga – Changing Height in Traspie

Just a tip for leaders – in this exercise the feeling in your hips is very important, especially when you are moving forwards. Find more in this class.
Music: Arrabalera (Orquesta Quinteto Pirincho).

13.10 min Milonga Musicality