In a Playful Mood. Milonga

No matter your state, a nice milonga will always be able to get you to your best playful and joyful! So better learn to welcome it properly. This collection of lessons will bring you the right amount of info to do so.


Recommended study time for this collection is 5 weeks.

Milonga 7. Mixed Structure from Basics Steps

Definitely a lesson on fast movement. So, ladies, please, forget about the fact that you are followers.
Music: No hay tierra como la mia (orchesta Francisco Canaro).

24.13 min Milonga Elements

Milonga 9. Advanced Combination

After practicing a few times, the exercises proposed in this class, along with Sebastian and Mariana, the milonga steps will seem much clearer. Music: No hay tierra como la mia (orchesta Francisco Canaro).

26.37 min Milonga Elements

Milonga. Double Time and Cha Cha Step

A lesson presenting a challenging structure due to the specific pivots and timings, and it will definitely help ladies keep up with the fast milonga rhythm.
Music: Milonga Criolla (Orquesta Francisco Canaro, singer Roberto Maida).

13.30 min Milonga Elements