A Beautiful Conversation. Technique for Mixing Tango Elements

We all know that tango is a language in its own right. And once your grammar and vocabulary are in place, beautiful conversations start flowing and deep connections happen. This is a collection of lessons for tango writers.


Recommended study time for this collection is 11 weeks.

Mixed technique – Steps and Embraces

An insightful class on how to play with changes in embrace and with the repertoire of steps in a non-dogmatic way. In the final part of the video you will find more information about the timing.

22.35 min Embrace Elements

Moving in Harmony into Opposite Directions

On different types of opposite direction moves, that are combined with decorations for the follower. Plus, special technical elements on which the follower needs to work when dancing in close embrace.

13.12 min Embrace Elements Decorations

Introduction to Tango Apache. Changing the Embrace

Forget about embracing your partners for a moment… or at least, about embracing them face to face. Tango apache gives you a new type of embrace.
Music: El Adiós (Orchestra Osvaldo Pugliese, singer Jorge Maciel).

19.28 min Embrace Elements