The Taste of True Joy. Milonga

You aren’t complete until you haven’t danced a tanda of milonga. In order to free your true self, in order to feel the genuine taste of joy and play, take the time to build a deep friendship with it, to welcome it into your body and milonga will generously reward, not only you but also your partner!


Recommended study time for this collection is 7 weeks.

Milonga. Musicality 1

Is the milonga music more complex than the tango music? In this lesson, we’ll be listening to milonga beats, focusing on the stronger ones and understanding that the complexity of rhythm and music is actually the essence of its inspiring force.

14.28 min Milonga Musicality

Milonga. Musicality 2

In this lesson you’ll learn how to count 1-2-3 in many languages… On a serious note now, changing the focus from 1-3 to 1-2-3 is an important step in understanding the milonga music and in incoporating the rhythm in your body. After getting confortable with the count, we’ll move on to practicing how to administrate the space for traspie.

9.04 min Milonga Musicality

Milonga. Combination of Steps. Simple Rhythm and Traspie

A great tool to prepare your body for the milonga rhythm is combining simple milonga steps with traspie. This is the lesson that will be your guide in this quest. And of course your complete involvement is required. The more you practice, the more you get used to the milonga rhythm and vice versa.

4.05 min Milonga Elements Musicality

Milonga. Combination of Steps with Traspie Rhythm

We already know that constant practice is what transforms us in masters of joy and play, masters of milonga that is. For a more intense practice of your milonga, just incorporate traspie in your exercises, as often as possible. In this lesson you'll find a fun and effective way of doing it.

6.25 min Milonga Elements Musicality

Milonga. Traspie in Circular Movements

A strong review of technical details from previous exercises will open for you the door to using circularity in milonga steps. In this lesson, the emphasize is not only on the milonga specific steps and music, but also on how individual posture and embrace help us in experiencing traspie to its fullest!

6.45 min Milonga Giro Musicality

Milonga. Torsion and Speed

You can think of milonga as of the "need for speed" of tango. In this lesson, you’ll see and exercise the way to get to move fast and juicy on the dance floor. And more than that, your dance will become even more astonishing if you get to the point where you speed up only in the essential moments. These exercises and sequences will help you to do so.

12.01 min Milonga Musicality