Swirls of Happiness. Vals

“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.” Dancing Vals beautifully is a way of designing happiness for yourself and a way of gifting it to your partner. Remember that sensation from your childhood, when holding hands with a friend and twirling together made you laugh out loud with joy and happiness? Today, try it with Vals. Because Vals is like swirls of happiness!


Recommended study time for this collection is 5 weeks.

Giros with Cherries on Top, on Vals Timing. Part 1

Let turn be the moment of presence and the moment when you look to the music for inspiration about what to do next. The posture and the position of your embrace will change together with the speed and the direction of your turn. We also call these swirls of happiness!

13.42 min Giro Musicality Vals

Giros with Cherries on Top, on Vals Timing. Part 2

This movement starts with a rebound… And this rebound is one of the best ways for you to practice leading and following. Another great thing about it, is that it really doesn’t matter where exactly you’ll be stepping, but just the way you’ll be rotating your upper body.

6.12 min Giro Rebote Musicality Vals

Fast Giro on Vals Timing

This lesson is absolutely gorgeous! It has all the tips and tricks for your fast turns. It’s a lesson about vals, but it will offer you many answers to fast rhythm issues, that you have been probably facing, while trying to keep elegance as a core value for your couple’s dance. Enjoy!

15.52 min Giro Musicality Vals