Our Fundamentals. Embrace and Walk

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Only by learning how to impeccably accomplish the most simple elements of them all, can we reach that desired apex of elegance – the one that doesn’t demand attention, but of which you can’t take your eyes off.


Recommended study time for this collection is 6 weeks.

Posture & Embrace

Sebastián and Roxana's special embrace raises new questions and brings new answers on couple harmony, beauty and comfort in dance.
What if we add the same muscular tone in arms, chest, neck, palms and fingers? And what happens when we discover a technical definition for the intention? 


This lesson is in Spanish and it has English subtitles. To activate them, please, click on CC in the down right corner of the video, then select English.

12.39 min Embrace

Adapting your Embrace in Dance

Every movement starts in the embrace. But how does it transform from the starting point till the end point? Apart from this, you’ll discover how keeping your body inline can help you a great deal and how stretching has a significant role in achieving a relaxed balance. How to take care simultaneously of your space, her space and the leading? You’ll find the answers to these questions inside this lesson, too.


This lesson is in Spanish and it has English subtitles. To activate them, please, click on CC in the down right corner of the video, then select English.

16.41 min Embrace

Embrace. Axis, Space and Connection

We do know that connection is not defined by physical contact. By what then? And does sharing axes actually mean sharing our weight? Head and hands – is their movement a consequence or a cause of our entire body moving? Explore this lesson for insights on these matters.

18.20 min Embrace

Combinations of Steps. Focus on Embrace

Ocho, Parada, Giro – instead of asking how the embrace changes when performing all these elements, let’s see how our body posture helps maintaining that embrace. Isn’t the heartwarming embrace one of the main reasons why we dance tango?

17.27 min Embrace Giro Ocho Elements

Embrace Review With Music

Let yourself be inspired by watching the maestros performing all the elements in the lessons until now. This is a gift video, which you’ll discover inside this collection of lessons. (Music: orquesta – Tanturi Campos, “En el Salon”)

5.27 min Embrace

Posture & Walk. Women Technique

A lesson that offers detailed explanations on body posture. You’ll see what is the correlation between the upper and lower part. You’ll also discover priceless insights about followers’ forward and backward walk, as well as the most common mistakes and ways to avoid them.

15.41 min Embrace Walk

Posture & Walk. Men Technique

How is your lead connected to posture? What are the lines that you should be looking for while walking on the pista? Did you know you can consciously build your movements by imaginarily dividing your body in three parts while walking and you can choose to interpret music in a different way only by changing some shapes. Let’s see how!

15.37 min Elements Walk

Continuous Walk. Exercises for Leaders and Followers

We’ll talk about shapes and lengths of forward, backward and side steps; about how to achieve fluidity when connecting them. Apart from the obvious continues movement, there’s also another one, which doesn’t stop even if you pause during the dance. Let’s see, what is it about?

17.47 min Walk

Change of Weight. Coordination of the Couple

If everything starts in the embrace, where does it finish? And where do the individual and the couple take their strength from? Apart from the answers to these questions, you’ll also discover in this video a beautiful secret regarding the technique Sebastián is using while walking.

17.34 min Embrace Walk

Changes of Weight. Parallel and Cross Systems 1

This lesson will engage you into a set of exercises, in order for you to practice changing systems while walking, using the leader’s change of weight. Never forget, constant practice is what keeps moving us forward in life, or in tango!

8.58 min Walk