Our Fundamentals. Embrace and Walk

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Only by learning how to impeccably accomplish the most simple elements of them all, can we reach that desired apex of elegance – the one that doesn’t demand attention, but of which you can’t take your eyes off.


Recommended study time for this collection is 6 weeks.

Combinations of Steps. Focus on Embrace

Ocho, Parada, Giro – instead of asking how the embrace changes when performing all these elements, let’s see how our body posture helps maintaining that embrace. Isn’t the heartwarming embrace one of the main reasons why we dance tango?

17.27 min Embrace Giro Ocho Elements

Posture & Walk. Men Technique

How is your lead connected to posture? What are the lines that you should be looking for while walking on the pista? Did you know you can consciously build your movements by imaginarily dividing your body in three parts while walking and you can choose to interpret music in a different way only by changing some shapes. Let’s see how!

15.37 min Elements Walk

Embrace and Walk Coordination. Combinations of Steps

If tango starts in the embrace, the walk is your tool to put your signature on it, it’s what you use to make every movement you have. Find out in this lesson how to harmoniously coordinate these fundamental components you posses. Elements like sacada will only be there to help.

7.25 min Embrace Elements Walk