Counterpositions and Other Subtle Tango Secrets

Unity, balance, contrast, and wholeness. It’s time for the fine in the fine tango! It’s time for the subtle, the delicate, the precise. It’s time for what’s beyond the seeable. This is a small, but strong collection, one "pour les connaisseurs"!


Recommended study time for this collection is 3 weeks.

A Conversation on Tango Exhibitions between Sebastián Achaval & Roxana Suarez (What you Won’t Learn in a Lesson)

When dancing tango we can all be artists. Some for just a few hours a week in a milonga. Others live and create inside tango their entire life on a stage or on a dance floor. But no matter in which category you fit, there’s so much beauty in honoring that artist, by enjoying and diving deep into the various expressions he or she can have. Immerse even more into tango by listening to Sebastián and Roxana! 


This lesson is in Spanish and it has English subtitles. To activate them, please, click on CC in the down right corner of the video, then select English.

15.25 min History