Counterpositions and Other Subtle Tango Secrets

Unity, balance, contrast, and wholeness. It’s time for the fine in the fine tango! It’s time for the subtle, the delicate, the precise. It’s time for what’s beyond the seeable. This is a small, but strong collection, one "pour les connaisseurs"!


Recommended study time for this collection is 3 weeks.

Counterposition in a Combination with Enrosque

Do you want to see what happens if you try to use counterposition during an Enrosque? You’re in the right place then! You already know from one of their previous collections, Sebastian & Roxana’s technique for Enrosque, and how to respect the three key moments in order to make it beautifully. Now, it’s time to bring everything to a next level.

8.19 min Elements Technique Enrosque