Topical Series. Turns, Enrosques and Lapices

The impossible steps, the complicated sequences…. with the right explanations and a practiced technique everything becomes clear. Enjoy this advanced technical collection and have fun! It is strongly intertwined with the previous ones and for best results we strongly recommend their deep study and practice, before exploring the present collection.


Recommended study time for this collection is 6 weeks.

Enrosque Sequences – Simple and Elegant Wraps for Leaders and Followers

A sweet little enrosque for him and her. These simple wraps are a real morsel of joy – light and fun, they will become an irresistible part of your dance vocabulary.

11.49 min Enrosque

Enrosque Sequences – Ivan’s Favorite Snappy Forward Enrosque

The effect of an Enrosque is the snap of the hips – and Ivan really does it with style. However, a good Enrosque for the leader requires excellent turning technique for the follower, so working on these movements is really an excellent idea for both.

9.22 min Enrosque

Enrosque Sequences: Embellishment + Front Enrosque Turning Backwards

While enrosques for followers can be led, like we saw in the first video, they can also be embellished. So while the followers embellish on their forward ocho, the leaders have a challenging front enrosque turning backwards!! You were asking for it, you get it!

11.29 min Enrosque Decorations