Topical Series. Sequences with Walking and Barridas

In this one, you’ll discover a series of lessons about walking and pausing in so many ways... Flowing, following or creating music...This collection is strongly intertwined with the previous ones and for best results, we strongly recommend their deep study and practice, before exploring the present collection. Enjoy your learning!


Recommended study time for this collection is 4 weeks.

Walking Sequences – Super Awesome Walk and Transfer

Simple but veeery elegant, this is one of Sara’s favorite walking steps. And of course, leave it to Sara and Ivan to take a simple movement and make it beautifully more complex.

13.02 min Technique Walk

Walking Sequences - ‘Walking But Also Turning’

Walking turns are fun and useful because they allow us to keep moving in a line, while giving us the glorious feeling of turning. In this video Ivan and Sara show you a basic walking turn as a foundation for more complex and embellished movements.

11.21 min Giro Walk

Walking Sequences – The Extra Step of Surprise

Besides being a lovely and unusual way to change between the cross and parallel systems, this movement might also elicit a small gasp of surprise from the follower! And with its smooth 1-2-3 timing, you can also use it quite effectively in vals!

6.04 min Walk

Walking Sequences – Fluid Changes of Sides of Embrace

Changing fronts while moving in a line can be quite dramatic! A more extreme version of the walking turn, this movement will also give you plenty of opportunities to work on your improvisation and creativity! So what can be better? Dramatic. Creative. Exciting!

9.19 min Changes of Direction Walk