Topical Series. Sequences with Walking and Barridas

In this one, you’ll discover a series of lessons about walking and pausing in so many ways... Flowing, following or creating music...This collection is strongly intertwined with the previous ones and for best results, we strongly recommend their deep study and practice, before exploring the present collection. Enjoy your learning!


Recommended study time for this collection is 4 weeks.

Barrida Sequences – Side Step Barrida

An unusual, simple and effective barrida for all occasions. And the dynamic turn entry and exert makes it even better. We love barridas, hopefully this move will make you an enthusiastic barridaer as well.

7.41 min Barrida

Barrida Sequences – Barridas in a Turn for Leaders and Followers

There are many ways to turn, and a nice, embellished way is to add in barridas for leaders and followers. Plus it looks dangerous - all those touching feet! But if done correctly, a barrida in turn should be smooth and seamless… Here is how.

10.40 min Barrida

Barrida Sequences – Back Barrida

Really a very lovely back barrida – catching the followers leg has never been so sweet. And very unusual to boot. Sure to elicit gasps of pleasure from all around!

10.01 min Barrida

Barrida Sequences – A super Duper Barrida Combo

Happy day! Many barridas, in a turn, changing directions, all combined! Now that you are a barrida lover, you can become a barride expert, seamlessly and fluidly changing from one position to the next. Barridas! Yes!

10.48 min Barrida