Partnering Technique. How it Works to be in Connection with Someone Else

Tango is a meeting. Tango is to be with somebody else. The more you know about yourself, better you can be with your partner. In the previous collection of lessons, you have explored and connected to yourself in dance. It’s now time to understand how it works to be in connection with someone else, in order to reach that feeling that we’re all looking for; in order to find what we’re actually looking for in tango.


Recommended study time for this collection is 3 weeks.

The Embrace. Enhancing the Connection and the Awareness of the Lead

It’s time now to work in the couple and apply everything you’ve been practicing in your individual technique lessons. In this class you’ll have exercises for enhancing your connection with your partner. They are simply gorgeous! As they will make both leaders and followers, literally become aware of the presence or absence of the lead; will make you have a faster reaction to the lead and become more sensitive to it. They will, all of a sudden, level up your leading and following skills.

11.32 min Embrace

Developing Lead Awareness in Circular Motions 1

A new lesson, a new set of really useful exercises to level up your interaction with your tango partner. They will help you train the frame of your embrace while focusing on leading circular motions; you’ll also focus on your dissociation in pivots which you will create from different parts of your body. Enjoy the process!

4.00 min Embrace Ocho

Music on and Practice Everything we’ve Learned until Now!

Every time you dance, a bit more is added to your expertise as a dancer. Your body's muscles have memory. When you do something over and over again, they remember. So, take advantage of every moment available to you and dance! Even if you’re doing it by yourself in your practice room.

2.34 min Embrace Elements