Partnering Technique. How it Works to be in Connection with Someone Else

Tango is a meeting. Tango is to be with somebody else. The more you know about yourself, better you can be with your partner. In the previous collection of lessons, you have explored and connected to yourself in dance. It’s now time to understand how it works to be in connection with someone else, in order to reach that feeling that we’re all looking for; in order to find what we’re actually looking for in tango.


Recommended study time for this collection is 3 weeks.

Developing Lead Awareness in Circular Motions 2

In the Individual Technique collection, you have understood how the body works in a boleo and practiced it for yourself. It’s time now to get to the partnering technique regarding boleos. Carolina will show you exercises that will help you lead back and front boleos, leaders, as well as perform them, followers. Enjoy your boleos and perform them with care on the dance floor!

3.49 min Boleo