Noelia & Carlitos’ Fundamentals. Merging Classic Milonguero with Modern Technique

Merging the classic milonguero style with modern tango technique in distinctive harmony and precision, the result is visually stunning! So fresh! Essentially, this is Carlitos & Noelia’s landmark collection of lessons. It’s where we invite you to start your journey into the world of their tango. Here, you’ll understand their fundamentals; how they think about the movement and from where it emerges.

Women Technique 3. Circular and Linear Turns

Noelia differentiates between two types of Turns: the circular and the linear ones. Learn the little things that make the big difference in staying connected to your partner and in flow when performing them. Just a hint - two important things to take into consideration when doing your Turns - the space and the lines that you take.

10.44 min Giro Technique