Completing the Circle. Ochos and Giros at Your Most Effortless

Ochos are what bring you closer to completing the circle of your dance and Giros are its culmination. In this collection, you’ll train so much in order to get to a state where you perform both of these elements independently from your partner's support, and of course, flawlessly. You’ll get to discover your Ochos personality - be they small, large, slow, or sharp; and find out a new way of making your Giros, that will give even more circularity to your effortless movement on the dance floor.


Recommended study time for this collection is 5 weeks.

Train your Flawless, Independent Ochos- Forward in Lateral Line

The free leg will take you to drawing suave lines on the dance floor. This is just one tip from this beautiful lesson.

5.52 min Ocho Technique Giro

Train your Flawless, Independent Ochos- Forward Moving Forward

Let go and move on! When something is ending, just be in that moment and enjoy it. Because a few seconds later something new will open up in the exact same spot.

13.33 min Ocho Technique Giro

Train your Flawless, Independent Ochos- Forward Moving Backward

Diagonals – hard to reach, even harder to maintain, worth trying nevertheless. By enjoying your failures you are one step closer to a greater sensitivity.

5.28 min Ocho Technique Giro

The Upper Body has a very Specific Role in Doing the Ochos

What is your direction? Where are you looking? These questions are important and you will find your answers here.

14.52 min Ocho Technique Giro

Variations of Ochos. Train them to Perfection and Choose the One you Love!

This exercise is very simple but, please, be patient and pay attention to every detail Antonella is adding… Be there with her, until the very last minute.

7.09 min Ocho Technique Giro

Controlling your Ochos. How to Stop the Turns

Bending a knee will keep your pause stable. Fast and slow, backwards, forwards, lateral. Enjoy!

15.53 min Ocho Technique Giro

Ochos with Personality. Small, Large, Slow, Sharp… Make them Spicy!

Smaller angles and putting the heal down will help you in some of these exercises.

10.06 min Ocho Technique Giro

Now Train your Flawless, Independent Backward Ochos

You open what you have closed before and you are going to stretch before the next stretch. An intriguing riddle this lesson...

14.32 min Ocho Technique Giro

Half Planeos Forwards and Backwards. It’s Like Spreading your Wings!

Small contrapositions are required in order to make this exercise. Find out when and why.

4.24 min Ocho Technique Giro

Giros. The Classical Structure and Antonella’s New Perspective

We don't want to spoil the pleasure of novelty, so we’ll just say this. What was closed before, is opening now...

15.05 min Ocho Technique Giro

Ocho Exercises. Demonstration with Music

Your short workout with music, consisting of a beautiful variety of ochos, for you to use on a weekly basis. Imprint them in your muscles' memory and your body will surprise you in the dance with the most delicious moves.

2.38 min Ocho Technique Giro