With a solid background in classic dance, Antonella Terrazas brings a unique contribution to the art of Argentine tango: a deep feminine approach, transformational and disruptive, that starts and finishes with our own selves, and our own bodies. Tango is a multi-faceted discipline, that includes the study of physical movement, which only adds up to its complex, captivating nature. Get your body, mind, and spirit aligned in one of the most amazing tango training journeys you could embark on!

Walking. No Tango Clichés. Discover Her Style, Define Yours

The way your feet land on the dance floor after each step you take is your trademark. A correct, relaxed, beautiful walk is what gives you the comfort and presence for you to find your connection with the partner, with the music and with your own creativity. In tango, you are the artist and the walk is your personal set of brushes. Take inspiration from other artists, then find your own walk to create your masterpiece!


Recommended study time for this collection is 4 weeks.

105.35 min Technique Walk